Why Charge Tian Chua and NOT Perkasa Katak ibrahim ali?

Tian Chua is used to brush up with the law enforcement agencies...

Tian Chua is used to brush up with the law enforcement agencies…

According to our Malaysiakini news portal :
PKR vice-president Tian Chua claimed trial today to a sedition charge that he made a remark accusing Umno of being involved in the Lahad Datu insurgency crisis.

According to the charge sheet, Tian Chua is accused to have said the following statements at the Fraser Business Park, KL:

a) The shootings in Lahad Datu is believed to be a conspiracy planned by the Umno government to shift attention and scare the people.

b) The incident has created a lot of questions and doubts on the intentions of the Umno government.

c) The intrusion in Lahad Datu is just a sandiwara (drama) by the government to scare people that a troubled situation existed in Sabah.

d) There is a conspiracy by Umno government to shift the focus of Sabahans from the issue of ICs being given out to foreigners.

If found guilty, Tian Chua will face a maximum of three years jail or a maximum fine of RM5,000 or both, for a first offence. A repeat offender faces a maximum sentence of five years jail.

BN Government INACTION towards ibrahim ali.

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

1Malaysia bigot that instigated bible burning idea!

Wow… Here you can see how serious and far-fetched is our Sedition Act.

However, how come there is NO ACTION whatsoever from the government of our 1Malaysia to charge the ‘froggie’ ibrahim ali from Perkasa when he ‘allegedly’ threatened to burn all the Al-Kitab (Bible of our native language Bahasa Melayu) that contains the word ‘Allah’???

Isn’t it a more ‘SEDITIOUS’ to utter those taboo words through the mainstream media?

My dear PM Najib Razak, where is your true spirit of 1Malaysia when you allow such crazy fanaticism to fan across the people especially those in the rural areas who do not have the access of internet and information technology? Is this the TRUE 1Malaysia Spirit when such bigots like froggie ibrahim ali was allowed to roam the country without check and control??

To make matter worse, we could hear a single pin drop on the floor in the silence of other BN lawmakers such as the ones from MCA and Gerakan and MIC (if there is any). The urge and hunger to “lick the balls” (pls forgive my of my language here) of their political masters have indeed blinded both their physical eyes and their conscience! They are more than willing to sell their conscience to the devil in exchange of power and wealth when they are NOT willing to say a word against this bigots who could turn Malaysia into a base of religious fanatics.

Pathetic and pityful to have a PM & bn like you governing my beloved country Malaysia!

Penang BN Show off day

Not to be seen as weak and uninterested, Penang BN staged one of their biggest rally today at the Esplanade Speaker’s Corner in a show of force to the voters that they are still in a fight to wrest Penang in the coming General Election. With Penang seemed to be the stronghold of the Pakatan Rakyat, Penang BN led by the infamous teng chang yeow crowded the Esplanade with more than 5000 mainly umno members as well as 120 NGOs which include umno no.1 supporter – the Perkasa!

Large BN crowd ferried into Esplanade.

What an Outing Day for Penang BN...

What an Outing Day for Penang BN…

As usual, the crowd was ferried in by at least 60 chartered buses that line up along the famous Penang waterfront recreation area while more than 2,000 motorcyclist (rempits?) were also seen to be part of the large crowd that converse on the open field.

The event was a show meant to show support for BN and chief minister Lim Guan Eng was a frequent target for participants and speakers.Event organisers said that the event was intended to “eradicate (cegah) slander (fitnah), lies (pembohongan) and cheating (menipu)” from affecting the public. Apart from political speeches, the crowd was also treated to free food, silat and chingay performances. Hmmmm… what a day for outing for Penang BN.

No Rally Organizers to come forward.

According to Malaysiakini coverage of the event, during his speech, state Umno deputy chief Musa Sheikh Fadzir told the crowd that no one organisation can claim that they are the organizers of the event. “There are no organisers here. This is by the rakyat for the rakyat,” he said before Teng presented his speech, and was greeted with loud cheers from the mostly Malay crowd.

Teng together with umno & perkasa in Penang Rally 24th March 2013

Teng together with umno & perkasa in Penang Rally 24th March 2013

How on earth could these large crowd be ferried in by chartered buses is really baffling even though the state umno deputy chief openly admitted that there is NO whatsoever organizers for the event. Not only this show cowardice on umno part, it has also proven that this guy is lying with his eyes wide open!!! How can we ever trust a man who even could blatantly lie about this tiny trivial matter?

“Promise” of Affordable Homes.

After cries of “Hidup BN!” from the crowd, Teng asked them “Are you ready for GE13?” to which he received a resounding “Yes!”.”

In 2008, we fell but today, we are going to rise up again. We are not here for positions but for the rakyat of Penang,” he said. Teng lamented the CM Lim-administration has failed to build even any of affordable homes, compared to Prime Minister Najib Razak, who promised to provide 20,000.

Teng changyeow has been going around Penang promising (or hoodwinking)  people of Penang that BN will provide affordable homes to us IF they are voted in again. However, they have always forgotten about the previous promises which they have failed to deliver! Najib Razak promised 20,000 affordable homes but a promise is still only promise until we see them being delivered!

A Disaster in Architectural Design...

A Disaster in Architectural Design…

Where is the Penang Outer Ring Road that Badawi once promised? Where is the Monorail?? Yes we “Thank You” for your 2nd Penang bridge. However we also have become the laughing stock of the architectural world when we have 2 IDENTICAL bridges span along each other! Even China-men who built the bridge questioned us on why are you ‘copying’ the design of the first bridge when there are so many designs available to build your 2nd bridge. To that we got no answer… Do you know that in Guangzhou alone, there are 5 different designs on 5 bridges that span across the Pearl River?

 1st Penang Bridge Toll.

We have to pay RM7.00 every time we pass through this bridge. Thank you BN!!!

We have to pay RM7.00 every time we pass through this bridge. Thank you BN!!!

In fact, EVERYTIME we touch on this subject, I can’t help but to feel really really agitated!!! It has been a blardy 28 years and yet hundred of thousands of Penangites like myself are still paying that blardy toll even though we knew that we have already paid all the building cost as well as its maintenance. The fact that BN and umno together with their cohorts like Teng changyeow has been taking Penangites for a ride far too long is really getting it on our nerves! I know it’s quite fun and enjoying for you leaders (or should I say ‘robbers’) to milk Penangites through collecting such hefty Bridge Toll but the fact that you don’t have the rakyat in your minds and hearts prove how hypocritical you are when you don’t walk what you talk!

We have been paying RM7.00 since 1985 and just imagine it when Najib Razak has proposed that the toll charges be hiked up to RM9.00 when the new 2nd Bridge opens up for public. This is CUT-THROAT!!! This is the REAL Janji Ditepati by the Federal Government led by umno and its cohorts.

So if you think BN will regain Penang back, please go back and THINK really hard again! It is not hard to catch up with CM Lim Guan Eng with all your resources and tools at hand, but sometimes in life, you are just a little too late…

Wahai kawan-kawan Hulu Selangor…

Ini kali pertama si Wiz ni berblog dalam Bahasa Melayu. Janganlah marah atau simpan dalam hati jikalau terdapat sesuatu dalam artikel ini yang menyinggungkan perasaan. Tetapi Wiz rasa kena jugak Wiz berbual bual hal Hulu Selangor dalam Bahasa Melayu agar kawan2 dapat memahami dengan lebih lanjut dan jelas tentang apa yang penting dan apa yang remeh temeh saje…

Badan Tertinggi dalam negara untuk menggubal undang2.

Dalam pilihanraya kecil kali ini di Hulu Selangor ni adalah untuk memilih ahli Parlimen yang kita rasa dapat memberi manfaat kepada semua rakyat kerana merekalah segelintir kecil kumpulan orang yang diberi tanggungjawab untuk menggubal undang2 dalam negara kita.

Sebagai contohnye, mari kita ambik ‘penggubalan’ undang2 yang sedang diberi perhatian khusus oleh rakyat iaitu akta lalulintas yang sedang dibentangkan dalam Dewan Negara sekarang. Jikalau akta itu diluluskan, kompaun lalulintas akan dinaikan dari RM300 sehingga RM1,000 dan adakah ini munasabah kepada rakyat dimana kita terpaksa dibebankan lagi oleh pihak kerajaan? Sehingga hari ini, masih banyak rakyat negara kita ni hanya mendapat gaji bulanan yang kurang dari RM1,000 dan jikalau kita kena tangkap, kat mane kita nak dapatkan wang sebanyak ini untuk membayar kerajaan?

Oleh yang demikian, di situlah bermulanya gejalah rasuah! Jika rakyat jelata tidak mampu untuk membayar kompaun, maka kemungkinan BESAR kita tentu akan minta ‘chance’ dari pegawai2 polis yang memakai butang ‘saya anti-(atau Nanti) rasuah’. Tapi kali ini rakyat akan diperanjatkan oleh permintaan pegawai yang bukan main tingginya kerana jika kita tak mahu ‘chance’ yang dihulurkannya itu, kita terpaksa membayar kompaun rasmi yang lebih tinggi lagi! Inilah masanya cogankata 1Malaysia memperingatkan kita: ‘poket’ Rakyat Didahulukan!

Wahai kawan2 di Hulu Selangor, kita memang perlukan orang2 yang betul2 kasih kepada rakyat di Dewan Negara / Parlimen untuk membela kita golongan biasa yang tertindas ini tidak lagi ditindas sewenang2nya oleh kerajaan bn yang zalim itu. Jika anda tidak memahami kenapa perkataan ‘ZALIM’ ini digunakan, sila benarkan Wiz menerangkan dengan lebih lanjut. Masih ingatkah lagi wanita Mongolia yang dibunuh kejam dengan menggunakan bahan letupan C4 itu? Adakah anda percaya bahawa seseorang pegawai polis kumpulun elit ini akan membunuh dengan membabi buta tanpa sebarang motif? Bagaimana dengan rakan Cina kita yang sewarganegara dengan kita yang bernama Beng Hock? Adakah anda akan percaya beliau sanggup membunuh nyawanya sendiri apabila tunangnya telah mengandungkan satu lagi nyawa yang baru?

Saya perlukan undi anda untuk memelihara kepentingan semua dalam Parlimen nanti!

Semenjak saudara Zaid Ibrahim kita yang mengorbankan diri untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya kecil di Hulu Selangor ini, terdapat desas desus yang bukan main banyaknye tentang dosa2 yang telah dilakukan olehnya sepanjang hayatnya. Memang Wiz bukan seorang yang beragama Islam dan rasa tidak berhak mengulas tentang dosa2 yang telah disebutkan oleh sesetengah pihak. Tetapi Wiz tahu satu fakta hidup iaitu ‘di mana bumi tidak dipijak langit?’ Kita semuanya manusia dan sebagai seorang insan yang biasa, kita semua pernah melakukan kesalahan dan kesilapan. Tetapi cara umno dan geng2 blogger yang ‘kurang ajar’ tu menyerang reputasi peribadi saudara Zaid merupakan satu gelagat yang amat keji dan memalukan. Bukannya Wiz ingin mempertahankan sesuatu di sini tetapi jika nak lawan, lawanlah seperti seorang ‘gentleman’… Padahal Zaid tu memang seorang gentleman yang mempertahankan prinsip2 hidupnya. Bukan seperti samseng2 umno yang tak berprinsip lagi biadap! Dalam masa yang sama, kenapa nak serang keperibadian orang? Adakah anda telah kehilangan isu untuk dipertikaikan sehingga sanggup melakukan perbuatan keji sebegini?

Wahai kawan2 di Hulu Selangor, siapakah yang akan anda pilih untuk mewakil anda dalam Dewan Negara / Parlimen kita? Seorang yang berprinsip atau katak katak yang ‘tak biasa duduk diam’ apabila ditunjukkan kertas wang Ringgit Malaysia yang tebal di depan mata mereka? Lihatlah contoh yang paling baik dalam dr. Halili Rahmat yang telah ‘lompat’ setelah mendapati dirinya tersingkir daripada menjadi calon untuk PKR. Nasib baik doktor tu tak terpilih. Jika tidak, kalau menang nanti, kita akan dapat seekor lagi ‘katak’ di Hulu Selangor. Menurut Malaysiakini, kononnya seekor lagi katak dari PKR akan lompat parti tidak lama lagi. Walaupun katak ini dah lama diiktiraf sebagai katak oleh kalangan umum, namun ia masih lagi sanggup memakai topeng manusianya dengan tanpa sebarang perasaan malu. Tunggulah… tunggu dan lihat samada katak ini akan melucutkan topengnya dalam masa beberapa hari ini.

Taktik Kotor umno dalam pilihanraya Hulu Selangor

Kepada rakan2 Hulu Selangor yang saya hormati, janganlah anda terperdaya lagi dengan segala janji kosong barisan. Bagi tau lah dia orang CUKUP lah tu… Jangan nak bersandiwara lagi. Jikalau mereka serius dengan pembangunan kawasan Hulu Selangor yang mereka janjikan 20 tahun yang lalu, dah lama mereka akan melakukan sesuatu. Tak payahlah nak tunggu sampai sekarang, selepas 50 tahun merdeka, masih lagi menjanjikan ini dan itu. Dalam masa yang sama, ahli Parlimen memang tidak memainkan peranan dalam pembangunan sesuatu kawasan. Itu kerja kerajaan negeri. Oleh itu, pilihlah seorang ahli Parlimen yang kawan2 rasa memang berhak mewakilkan hak2 dan kepentingan kita dalam Dewan Negara/Parlimen nanti.

Selamat Mengundi pada 25hb April 2010 ini. Semogo kebijaksanaan anda akan membantu negara dan rakyat kita melangkah satu lagi langkah penting ke arah pembangunan yang sebenar untuk kebaikan generasi kita yang akan datang!

3 days to Hulu Selangor : Suicidal BN moves

He came with ‘high’ recommendations. He is a ‘professional’ in Public Relations and claimed to be a ‘degree holder’ in Communications from an Australian university. He is No other than our Mr. “Handshake” Kamalanathan – BeEnd candidate for Hulu Selangor Parliamentary by-election.

Wow Wow Wow… All these while I used to think that BeEnd ranks are always filled with losers such as Tom, Dick and Harry. Little did I realise that they also got some ‘nice-guys’ with high qualifications among them. You can’t blame me for having such thoughts because judging from all the policies of BeEnd, one would wonder if any wise and intelligent could have join them and make a fool out of themselves.

However, after a check by our Raja Petra on Edith Cowen University in Western Australia, he found that the university has NO whatsoever record of our Mr. “Handshake” Kamalanathan going there to study lest getting himself a degree. But later, it was found that he had only taken a ‘Twining Program’ from Olympia College in Kuala Lumpur.

But AGAIN, when checks were done with Olympia Col, there is NO Bachelor of Mass Communications courses EVER being offered by the college. So…. what is happening here? Where in the world did our PR guy receive his “degree” education from?? Is the certificate he posed on his website is a genuine one or simply printed out from his house ink-jet printer? Hmmmm… something’s really smells fishy here…

IF, and I said with capital letters IF, his degree and university education happen to be a hoax, then what about his career as a Public Relations professional? Will it be another hoax as well? Will he be living as a PR professional from all the contracts from umno and MIC-key’s projects? That he requires “crutches” to stand up in a competitive PR field?? Again you can’t blame me for asking all these questions when you yourself have created a doubtful qualification on yourself, can you?

By the way, judging from the way you work in these last few days in Hulu Selangor, I certainly do have SERIOUS doubt on your capability as a PR specialist with a ‘degree’ in Communications. Not only you don’t look like one, you don’t even sound like one! Here is why…

1. Disassociate Hindraf but Embrace Perkasa.
You are trying to win the support of Indians and yet in one of your 1st remark as a candidate, you try to distance yourself from Hindraf who has been fighting for Indian cause all these while but have been unsuccessful due to political pressure from umno. Everyone knows who is Hindraf. They are like the ancient “robin hoods” but was branded as thieves by no one but YOU in order to lick the balls of your master : umno.

Now everyone also knows who the heck is Perkasa. They are not only RACIST but has been attacking non-Malays of robbing Malays of their wealth and priviledges. Yet as a non-Malay, YOU continue to embrace and have the guts to ‘defend’ Perkasa by telling other non-Malays that Perkasa mean no ill intention with their ‘battle-cries’ and ‘keris-wielding’ acts of “stupid bravado”. I know you are trying to win over the votes of our Malays brethren but certainly NOT at the expense of embracing the same spirit of racism as Perkasa! By sharing the same table with perkasa, you have done nothing but proved yourself to be a lap dog of racism!

Showing utmost gratitude or kow-towing to his masters???

2. Refused to admit kissing Muhiddyin’s hand.
Remember the story of George Washington admitting his fault to his father after chopping down a tree? Now even though Kamalanathan does not have an axe in his hand, the rakyat will readily forgive him if he has the guts to admit that he had indeed kissed the hand of Muhiddyin when announced that he would be MIC’s candidate of Hulu Selangor.

But instead, he retorted “Kiss his hand? When did I kiss his hand? Show me where I did that,” when question during an unplanned Press conference in Hulu Selangor a few days ago. Now Kamalanathan, please do not forget that we’re in the 21st century already. A picture speaks a thousand words. What you got to say now? That this photo have been doctored, like the one they did to Zaid Ibrahim holding a Jack Daniels??

Now I really know why umno is willing to let you run in this coming by-election. I am pretty sure you won’t dare to say white is white when Muhiddyin said it’s black! So what do we got here? Another koh tsu khoon – the paper tiger? Let me happily remind you the reason why Penang people butted out our ex-CM of 18 years. Not only he is ‘ball-less’, he could also smile when umno people virtually slapped him in the face! Needless to say, his reward of being such a LOSER is to stand side-by-side with Jibby and become a ‘back-door’ minister.

Nominated for "Joker" of the Week

3. Be Mr. “Handshake” for these 7 days.

Instead of trying to potray to the electorates in Hulu Selangor that you are FIT to be a Member of Parliament (MP), you have turned your election campaign into a huge PR exercise where you think it is UTMOST important for you to shake the hands of 60,000 people in Hulu Selangor in this coming week up to the election day itself.

We know you’re having your ‘hands-tied’ hands down but can’t you just take out some GUTS to show that this is after all, your election campaign. A good MP must have good hands-on knowledge on national issues but when confronted with opportunity to ‘show-off’ your credibility, you turn around with your ‘tail between your legs’ and try to avoid confronting these issues at all cost! Hey ‘dey’, this is not the way to be a good MP lah… How are you going to prove that you will be able to represent Hulu Selangor in their interest in the Parliament? You’ll just be another lap-dog making up the numbers in our August House. I bet you don’t even know why our Parliament is called the ‘August House’, do you?

So to all our wise and intelligent Hulu Selangor folks, please ‘menilai betul2’ your candidate for this Parliament seat before voting and vote with a clear conscience come this Sunday – April 25th 2010. I believe that justice and talent will be like a beacon shining bright in the darkest hour which our country is facing now. DO NOT let such justice and talent go to waste… and allow our next generations to suffer in total darkness!

Hulu Selangor : 5 Days to D-Day

Campaigning for all candidates entered into its 2nd day and things got from worse to worst for BeEnd component parties as they continued to stoop lower than ever in their ‘desperate’ bid to fight and wrest the Parliamentary seat of Hulu Selangor from the tight clutches of Pakatan Rakyat. Let us see how low they are willing to go:

1. Utusan Malaysia ‘supporting lies after lies’…

Desperate Measures???

Since when the ‘mouthpiece’ of U Must Not Object paid any attention to bloggers? Even Rais ‘nak yatim’ has spoken quite strongly against bloggers and out of nowhere, one of our mainstream media is paying attention to the ‘doctored’ photos of PKR candidate Zaid holding alcoholic drink.

The so-call ‘bloggers’ claimed that they will ‘buktikan’ what they claimed by this afternoon and after waiting almost for the whole day, they seemed to be unable to come out with any concrete ‘bukti-bukti’ that Zaid Ibrahim was a drunkard or ‘kaki botol’. Instead, these so-call ‘bloggers’ really put us (the real ones) to shame as the best they could put up was another round of ‘doctored’ pictures of Zaid holding a bottle of ‘yet-to-be-open’ bottle of Jack Daniels whisky. Tips: don’t ever visit those blogs… just a waste of time!

Tolong-la… janganlah nak berlari sebelum tau berjalan! They were nothing but novices in graphic designs and yet already trying their hands to spread lies and fraud by altering pictures and somemore have the guts of ‘membabi-buta’ to put them online. Please la… don’t be sooooo SHAMELESS! tak tau malu punya budak budak sekolah…

Is this the best you can do???

Meanwhile Raja Petra was right! So WHAT if Zaid Ibrahim really drinks? We are not in any position to comment on one’s personal characters or favourite pastime. If we really think that one’s personal morality is paramount to holding public office, then I am sure almost 90% of our government cabinet will FAIL the test! Penang CM Lim was right. Let the sin-less ones first cast the stone! Such attacks on Zaid personal characters only show nothing but BeEnd desperate measures to get votes and gain cheap political mileage.

2. DPM Muhiddin ‘mis-cued’ … & halili becomes a ‘frog’.
Quoted from Malaysiakini – “Today more PKR leaders quit the party. Wait for the “bigger bomb” tomorrow,” said Muhyiddin at a BN ceramah in Batang Kali in Hulu Selangor.

I have also waited till the cows come home for this ‘bigger bomb’ to explode today and apart from ‘tiny peanut’ Halili who held the ‘bendahari’ post in Hulu Selangor PKR division, there seemed to be no bomb or katak to jump from PKR. NOw I started to wonder how come our ‘highly-respected’ Melayu 1st & Malaysian 2nd DPM could have mis-cued when making such an important remark. If such remark was to come out from any umno people, I would have ignore it as base-less. But for it to come out from our DPM… it should NOT be taken lightly… until now. Seemed that statement of our DPM is no less in-accurate to all other umno warlords.

Now on this halili (not worth a ‘capital letter’ from the Wiz) who defected to umno. He used to be a fore-runner in the ranks of PKR to be a candidate for this by-election. However, I believe after some deep soul-searching done by PKR has finally come to a conclusion to ditch this halili and chose Zaid instead. Something or someone from somewhere must have look through the heart and mind of halili to tell Anwar that he is not a good guy to be trusted with a Parliamentary seat.

Thank goodness Anwar and co has done their homework and refused to select halili to represent PKR in this coming by-election. IF halili was to be selected and have won in this coming election, PKR will have another baggage to carry as Pakatan will have another ‘froggie’ MP in their fold. See how his ‘true colours’ were shown ‘NAKED’ in the open when he chose to defect to the racist party of u must not object! The speed of his defection could not have come so timely as all Pakatan leaders heaved a sigh of relief to see this fox show off his tail! The defection of halili reflects another desperate attempt by BeEnd and particularly umno to destablise the election machinery of Pakatan Rakyat. Thank goodness we got Plan B….

3. The withdrawal of 2 BN-cohorts independance candidates.
The purpose of independance candidates were put in any by-elections is to create confusions and cause as much split-voting as possible in order to allow the ruling parties to gain as much majority as possible. Thus, you get all sorts of people (a record of 10 of them in Bkt Selambau, Kedah) ‘willingly’ paying high deposits to the EC to be one of the independant candidates. Will any sane people like you and me willing to PAY and go in as independant if we are UNSURE of winning or even to secure minimum vote?

Mis-cued & Misplaced lately...

I was thinking that by ‘parachuting’ chandran and johan, BeEnd is attempting to split the votes of disgrunted voters in Hulu Selangor areas. The idea of “If I can’t get the vote, don’t think you can” has prompted BeEnd to put in not 1 but 2 independant this time shows nothing but desperation in BeEnd ranks. The selection process of Komalanathan certainly has ‘offended’ many parties and BeEnd was trying to put things back on track. However… 2 wrongs don’t make 1 right!

The attempts of BeEnd in trying to get disgrunted Malay voters who refuse to vote for an BeEnd’s Indian candidate will have another choice in johan and similiarly, disgrunted Indian voters to vote for chandran has done nothing but BACKFIRED! Seems that the racist elements in BeEnd’s thinktank has not changed since March 2008. Why in the world they would still think that voters will vote according to race? Since when will they ever wake up and finds a new race call Malaysian? Now I understand why Muhiddin still regards himself as Malay first and Malaysian 2nd.

As such the withdrawals of chandran and johan at the eleventh hour has shown to the world that BeEnd has found that these 2 independants will not only jeapordise BeEnd’s Komalanathan’s chance of beating Pakatan’s Zaid Ibrahim but will become a liability for BeEnd and later on to further increase the probability of victory for Zaid Ibrahim to take his principles into the August House.

Perhaps Raja Petra was right. Zaid could have won more than 5,000 votes. With these 2 super independants around, Zaid’s majority could have reach 8,000 or more! I wonder when our Jibby will fly home. I’m pretty sure he is homesick but could not have come home to witness such an embarassing defeat handed to Muhiddin by one of his former general…. Sometimes I really pity Jibby. Told him not to be surrounded by those bunch of losers (such as koh tsu khoon & syarizat) but he refused to listen to me…

Barbarians in Malaysian Parliament ala Taiwan

“Pelawat Sila Dafter Disini” tag can be found when you approach the guard house in the Parliament. However on Thursday (which is yesterday), I think most of security guards tasked to mend the guard post were either on leave or being absent without leave. Or else, how in the world could these security guards allowed a gang of barbarians to storm the Parliament and nearly (I dunno how near it was) assaulted a group of Opposition MPs.

violent attack towards dap karpal singh and lim lip eng at parliament 260209 sequence

Just take a look at those pictures taken from Malaysiakini and you’ll surprise that these barbarians were well dressed. Some even were in suits and tie!

The Malaysiakini reported – a day after proclaiming that ‘Singh is King’, DAP veteran Karpal Singh finds himself mobbed by a group of angry Umno Youth members at the Parliament lobby.

While we will ‘try’ to maintain the innocence and the ‘neutrality’ of the police and security force within the Parliament compound, I was appalled to see such UGLY situation took place within our well respected Parliament building. These barbarians has obviously ignored the honour and the serenity of the August House but as usual, the one-sided Speaker of the House has refused to issue an arrest warrant to them. I wonder how far can he go to show his one-sided face. Countless of times the Speaker of the House have acted in ‘protection’ of his paymaster.

Our Tiger of Bukit Gelugor has stirred the hornet’s nest when he alleged that his political rivals sent 2 live bullets to keep his mouth shut.

“Where did the damn Umno Youth fellows get the bullets?” Karpal asked. “Singh is King. I am not afraid. They made 100 police reports, sent me two bullets and demonstrated.” This is what he said during a session in the Parliament on Wednesday.

Karpal Singh is an old fox in Malaysian politics. He knew that he could not charged on the things he said in Parliament. However, the barbarians of umno has failed to realise that such action in Parliament has indeed, proved once again to the world that there are many people with ‘pariah’ mentalities.

Just imagine it. The SIL (son-in-law) not only did not condemn such stupid action by his sidekicks, he even went further to endorse their actions by issuing stupid warnings to Karpal Singh.

“We want to remind him that Umno Youth is not playing games and Karpal is the one who is playing with the sentiments of the rakyat, he is playing with fire. If he does not repent, then it would only serve to aggravate our anger and the anger of the people,” he warned.

After reading this, I would like to remind the SIL that the people is no longer standing by their side. If the rakyat still did, they won’t be trashed not once, but twice in the last 2 by-elections – making them sore-losers 2 out of 2! LOL 🙂

There will be another 3 by-elections coming this April and I think by that time, we’ll know more or less whether the rakyat is angry with Karpal Singh or even angrier with those barbarians.

Karpal Singh digs up Sh*t in umno

umno youth demonstration against karpal singh 100209 10My He may be old but full of wisdom.
He may be handicapped but full of strategies.
He may be physically weak but his spirit and virtues are as strong as ever.
This is our Karpal Singh – a man who is renowned for his fury and strong character when it comes to democracy and justice in Malaysia.

 By speaking up his mind ie. that a sultan is “sue-able”, he has stirred up the hornets’ nest and allow Malaysians (maybe the whole world) to see how hyphocrite those people who are holding high public post in the country. Last Friday, the barbarians from umno was trying to put some kind of intimidation by organising a street protest near his home after they attempted the same thing near his office. But Taikor Jeff Ooi knew it’s not easy even to shake up this Tiger of Jelutong!

According to Malaysian Insider, amongst those who reacted strongly to his comments were our very famous leaders who have great aspiration to climb higher in their party as well as political hierachy. Here we got Datuk Seri Khir Toyo (who tried to march to Karpal Singh’s house), Khairy Jamaluddin (who called for banishment), Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein (who has been calling for action against treason) and Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib (who has been calling for action against bloggers who have commented on the Perak sultan).

Malaysian Insider also questioned that whether we Malaysians do really need these leaders to lead us. These leaders who were ‘branded’ as emotional, reactionary and irrational leaders as such, who fly at a moment’s anger or upset with political rivals to consider a march, a banishment, rallies and harsh action against those who differ with them in philosophy and opinion?

At the same time, we all know what these super dupa leaders are capable of. The most infamous of all shoud be this ‘anak hantu toyol’ who shipped tonnes of government’s secrets out of the MB residence the very night when he was defeated by the people’s power. We also got the useless Son in Law of the Malaysia who is good at nothing but organising street protests and causing traffic jams.

We also got our ‘silenced’ Keris-mudin who is trying revive his eroding family’s grip in umno. Used to be one of the most outspoken young leaders, many put the blame on him for the coalition huge lost last election. As for this fellow with Double Muhammad to his name… SIGHHHHH… I thought he supposed to clean his ass in Australian cells when he was caught with loads of CASH – undeclared monies in his attempt to ‘smuggle’ them into Oz. Only the devil knew why he brought so much cash into Australia but one reason was maybe he was too high profile to visit Genting. LOL!

How in the world can we Malaysians got ourselves to be led by these ‘so-call’ leaders? But one comfy things that we ought to know is fortunately, we have options now even if Umno doesn’t realise it yet. 🙂