The Wiz Boycott

Let’s make a start this coming 1st April 2008! Let April Fool’s Day be a reminder to those who enjoy fooling us for so long! Boycott the local newspaper! Buy no lies anymore!

Let’s Boycott Local Newspaper!

Sis was right! We are pissed with the mainstream media because :

1) They take us as a moron
2) They forgot that we are paying for the papers and we want news, not propoganda for Barisan Nasional component parties!

So dear fellow bloggers, help this campaign by spread this awareness! You’re actually doing a service for your friends and families to stop buying all those lies and advertisments!

Our fellow blogger – Susan Loone has also covered on this matter. Read on to know more about how The Star operates on its daily basis. You’ll ‘puke’ when you know the truth.


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